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Friends and Simplicity

"Our lives in a modern city grow too complex and overcrowded. Even the necessary obligations which we feel we must meet grow overnight, like Jack’s beanstalk, and before we know it we are bowed down with burdens, crushed under committees, strained, breathless, and hurried, panting through a never-ending program of appointments.”  Read the full article.  "The Simplification of Life" by Thomas R. Kelly

img The Wider Quaker Fellowship and Voices of Friends are programs of Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas.
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New Publications

Read the latest selections of Quaker literature, as published through the Wider Quaker Fellowship, along with the letter of introduction that accompanies each group of pamphlets.

Read our booklets devoted to two themes Quakers worldwide are currently discussing. Both offerings contain questions for reflecting individually or as part of a group discussion.

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A searchable library of Wider Quaker Fellowship pamphlets: selected writing reflecting some of the cultural and religious diversity among Friends.
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Quaker blogs
Current discussions of Quaker thought and practice. Here are a few selected blogs to introduce you to some of the discussions Friends are having today:
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Media resources
From sermons to personal testimonies of what being Quaker means, audio and video offerings from varied groups of Friends.
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Quaker journals, magazines, publishers and bookstores
Quakers Uniting in Publications, QUIP, an international network of Quaker booksellers, authors and publishers, has extensive links to Quaker journals and magazines, publishers and bookstores.
Faith and Practice
Books of Faith and Practice, sometimes called Books of Discipline, are the guidelines for living out our faith. Different Friends groups (yearly meetings) have their own books.
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